Big Bang

by The Bearing

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Patrick Talbot
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Patrick Talbot A stunning debut EP that features Alise Kirtley's fearless command of vocal harmonies, and her willingness to go beyond the conventional to touch on strong and emotional subjects. Delicious in every way! Favorite track: Big Bang.
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released April 30, 2017


all rights reserved



The Bearing London, UK

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Track Name: Big Bang
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed
And I gotta lay low
Sometimes I feel all the pain
I just wanna let go

All these stories, it’s not fair
The world’s gone mad, we’ve run out of air

And I, I’m just so weary
Of kindness overthrown
And I, I know you hear me
But you’ve got problems of your own
But don’t you understand, that it’s a
Long, long, long fuse… But it’s a Big Bang

“Baby what you wanna be,
Later when you’re all grown”?
“I’d like mamma to play with me,
So I wanna be a cell phone”

Now I’m addicted to all this stuff,
And who’s to say I can’t get enough?

And I, I want for nothing,
Except what I can’t buy
And I, I know you need me,
But right now mamma’s gotta cry
‘Cause don’t I understand, that it’s a
Long, long, long fuse… But it’s a Big Bang

For unknown reasons something’s snapped tonight,
I’ve crossed a line
Bent double over these keys
That unlock my plea
For you, and me, well everybody
To be free

I’ve got Rilke’s letters here,
Teachings of Don Juan.
I’ll end with the serenity prayer,
A shot of Dylan

And all of this goes round inside,
The best and worst of human kind

And I, I’m just so sorry,
I hope things can improve,
But I, I’m filled with worry,
That time’s already on the move

‘Cause don’t we understand, that it’s a
Long, long, long fuse… But it’s a Big Bang
Track Name: Farewell To Kings
Down by the water she lay
As the gulls and the herons eyed up their prey
But prayer was not on the menu that day
‘Cause faith and her had long since parted ways

Out to the opening she stared
Where Loch Fyne flirted into Atlantic’s bed
And floating by smoked the pyres of the dead
And still their words are ringing in our heads

Oh sticks and stones keep breaking brave peoples’ bones
When they speak out of turn
Off! Off with your head or banished from this land!
Haven’t we come a long, long way since then?
Haven’t we come a long, long way since then?
Fare-thee-well to Kings

Over the valley she peered
To the legions of the Lost on the frontier
Rumoured to end the prosperity of the years
Their cries are certain to fall on deaf ears

Tracing the ridgeline she ran
To the nearest of her elders in command
And before long the building of a wall began,
With flags and guns to help them understand

Surrounded by the angry throngs we push on through
But little acts of kindness and we get knocked out
The domino effect from all we say and do
Yet funny how the good stuff is not what we write home about
Most ordinary folk carry on with their lives
And do their best to give and receive love and care
Yet all we hear tells us that only hatred thrives
But then injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere

Wide eyed with terror she froze
Disappeared from right under their nose
And while the plans for retribution are imposed
The voice of dispossession only grows
Track Name: Patagonia
When you look to the horizon
You begin to understand
That somehow everything’s connected
The human heart to nature’s lands
But if you think about our choices,
Hard to find some right in wrong,
And seems like nature’s plan was different
We’ve forgotten just how we belong

Lonely, lonely, lonely people
Never talk to each other
Though we live next to one another
Crazy, crazy, crazy people
Try to conquer the planet
That we’re just here to inhabit

If you question what is possible
It’s amazing what you’ll find
A turquoise lake on top of the world
A reflection of an open mind
But now we’re muddying all the waters
In the name of growth we build
We’re forced to work harder and harder
To afford to reach nature we’ve not yet killed

When did our egos get so bruised that this wasn’t enough?
When did we dare to presume that life shouldn’t be tough?
How do we recognise beauty and then not destroy it?
How do we recognise beauty and then not destroy it?

If you stare up at the summit
In the first few rays of dawn
Basalt spires and hanging glaciers
In only seconds dreams are born
Track Name: The Reason To Go On
Cold November days
But not so cold
To keep the thoughts of you away
So out I go alone
I wrap up warm
Find fun in the storm

And there it is,
There it’s always been:
The reason to go on

Beams hurl through the clouds,
Light up the Thames
Dazzle the corners of my mind
As tourists wave from boats,
Jaw set the row man cuts through their wake

And here it is,
Here it’s been all this time:
The reason to go on

Oh look at me,
Look at where I’m coming from
Oh listen up,
Don’t know where I’m going to
Oh hoped that we,
We would find our way together
But now I’m left with nothing else to do but
Find meaning,
Mean something,
Sometimes it’s
Good to wonder through these crazy streets alone,
Good to know I find reasons to go on, all on my own

Seems like movie scenes,
To watch us folk
From where the seagulls duck ‘n dive
We all create so much,
Market stalls bursting with all that love

And this right here,
This is how it is:
The reason to go on
Track Name: You Never Know
Go ahead, reveal what’s inside of you
Don’t presume what I want to hear –
The only person that protects is you

It’s Ok, I want it
About time someone told me the actual truth,
The factual truth

I’ll give you mine if
You give me yours
You never know,
Maybe it will blow us away, blow us away
I know a sign when I see one
And it’s begun to show me
I might just like / want / love you

Night walks, around chilly London
The more we talk the closer we become
You do up my buttons for me slowly one by one
You draw me in, a brush of skin,
And on the inside I come all undone

Can you hear it?
Hear my pounding heart?
Baby you’ve got my attention, and then some…

Then in a winter wonderland
In the middle of nowhere
We tread our footprints into snow falling
On pictures hanging from the trees
Of country girls with flaxen hair
And ecstasy of stillness met with knowing
Nothing’s left unsaid

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